Baked Trout Fillets

This recipe was was first published in Taste of Home February/March 2004, p46 and submitted by Mary Zimmerman to It can be viewed at:

The only change I made was to decrease the sour cream to 1/2 cup, otherwise it’s over 10 servings of fat under Mayo Clinic’s program. There was still ample sauce to spread over the fillets.

It’s very tasty. There were leftovers which I’ll incorporate into a salad of some sort for tomorrow’s dinner.


3 Responses to Baked Trout Fillets

  1. Michelle Wyse says:

    Looks yummy – did you use low fat sour cream or the regular stuff? And what did you serve it with?

    • Dzedko says:

      I used low fat sour cream. The sides were very simple since we were in a rush. They were steamed broccoli, boiled potatoes, and frozen corn. All fit very well, but as we enjoyed this dinner, we both felt we’d cut back one the carbs (potato, corn) and add other veggies, or maybe just a garden salad.

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