Creamy Broccoli & Bean Soup

Yesterday was bean day and today and tomorrow will be what I call “evil” from a healthy eating standpoint. My granddaughter will be visiting today and I plan to cook a Pork Rib Roast since she is a carnivore. On Saturday we are going to a BBQ at my daughter’s and I have been asked to bring a “creamy” potato salad since it goes so well with the sausages. Yesterday’s dinner had to be very low-calorie.

To the rescue – one of my favourite cookbooks, Full of Beans by Violet Currie & Kay Spicer. It was a gift from my daughter when I started to get very serious about having beans at least weekly. This recipe is on page 34. As the introduction mentions this is a “low-calorie, fat-free, easy-to-prepare” soup.

We started the meal with grapes, then celery, carrots, red pepper and cucumber with the Feta-Paprika Spread from

It was a light yet very satisfying meal. A nice start before some heavier meals.


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