My “Best” Foods

I consider the following foods to be the best for my health:

Veggies Fruits Carbs/Grains Protein/Beans Protein/Fish
Broccoli Blueberry Sweet potato Red kidney Pacific Salmon
Spinach Apple Wheat germ Small dried red Pacific Halibut
Vegetable Juice Red Delicious Oats Soy Atlantic Mackerel
Garlic Granny Smith Oatmeal Pinto Pacific Blackcod
Onion, raw Gala Oat bran Black, dried Rainbow Trout
Tomato, processed Wild blueberry Wheat bran Egg
Tomato juice Kiwi Flax
Tomato, raw Pomegranate Rice, brown
Carrot Orange
Red bell pepper Banana Squash, winter
Squash, summer Grape
Brussels sprout Blackberry
Cocktail juice Plum
Celery Black plum
Cranberry juice

Dairy Nuts/Seeds Fats/Oils Beverages Herbs/Spices
Yogurt Almond Olive 60% Cocoa
Peanut Avocado Green tea
Hazel Red wine

I am most impressed with Mayo Clinic’s approach to healthy eating. Their top foods are in bold.

I like the way they have categorized foods into five groups: Vegetable, Fruit, “other” Carbohydrates (grains), Protein, and “other” Fats. The “other” emphasis is mine, not theirs. Vegetables, fruits and grains are high in carbohydrates. Daily carbs could be monitored in total, but it’s more important to learn to achieve healthy levels for each of the three groups. Mayo Clinic has come up with a daily servings target for each group based on your recommended daily intake of calories.

For effective analysis, planning, and monitoring I have added other groups, for example separating protein-foods into beans and fish.

For now, I haven’t included anything in Herbs/Spices. My “gut feel” is that turmeric, cummin, ginger, and cinnamon may eventually be classified as “best”.


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