Breakfast Planning

Breakfast Menu Plan for 1800 Calories per Day

First Choice Alternative Amount IF Veg Fruit Carb Prot Fat
Orange 1 9 1
Grapefruit ½ 18 (1)
Oats ½ cup,  cooked -49 1.5
Milk, skim 1 cup -28 1
Dried fruits 2 tablespoons 1
Strawberries 1 ½ cup 22 (1)
Whole wheat toast 1 slice, plain -77 1.5
Olive oil 1 tsp 73 1
Avocado 1/6 105 (1)
Almonds 8 54 (1)
Cottage Cheese, or 2/3 cup 14 (1)
Cream Cheese, fat free 3 tbsp 2 (1)
Servings 2 3 1 1

The column “IF” shows the Inflammatory Factor. The objective is to stay positive or balanced for the meal. This may be a topic for a blog of its own.

The numbers in brackets are alternatives and put variety into each day.


It’s very easy to exceed certain serving targets. One of our bad habits is finishing breakfast with a coffee and 2 toasts with margarine. That’s an extra carb (70 calories) and an extra fat (45 calories) for a total of 115 calories or 24% of the planned 485 calories for breakfast.

The toughest part is controlling fats. Avocado, olive oil, and almonds are the healthiest so should be the priority. But fat-free cream cheese is really tempting – 3 tablespoons and only 1 serving!

In reality, if you check nutrition labels you often find the Mayo Clinic servings are  too low. The nutrition label for one serving of steel cut oats converts to the following Mayo Clinic servings: 1.66 carbs, .2 protein, and .4 Fats, or 154 calories, a far cry from 1 carb serving and 70 calories.

Another example is Wonder’s whole wheat bread. Its nutrition label shows one slice at 95 calories, or .97 carbs, .13 protein, and .3 fat servings. That’s a lot closer to Mayo’s 1 carb, but the calories are off by 25. It looks like many multi-grain breads exceed Mayo’s 1 carb serving.

Start reading nutrition  labels and track calories as well as Mayo Clinic servings.


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