Are there really only TWO healthy cereals?

My pantry only has two boxed cereals in it. That’s because there are only two healthy boxed cereals manufactured – Post Shredded Wheat and General Mills Fiber 1! If you have young children, keep all the other cereals away from them … they have too much sugar!

I classified cereals as “healthy” if they met the following mandatory guidelines for a ½ cup serving:

1.       The first ingredient must be whole grain; in addition there must be:

2.       no sugars listed in the first five ingredients,

3.       no corn syrup or trans fat,

4.       5 grams or more of fiber,

5.       less than 5 grams of sugar, and

6.       less than 2 grams of saturated fat.

The spreadsheet below lists other factors that were not deemed as important as the mandatory guidelines. For example, each serving should be:

  • high in vitamins,
  • high in protein, and
  • low in calories.

Post Grape Nut Flakes just missed the cut-off list – its fiber, at 4 grams, missed by 1. Kashi Go Lean missed by a greater margin – its sugar, at a whopping 9 grams, missed by 4.

Farther down the list were

  • Kellogg’s All Bran Flakes,
  • General Mills Multi Grain Cheerios,
  • Post Shreddies,
  • Kellogg’s Guardian,
  • Quaker Life Multigrains,
  • Kellogg’s Vector, and
  • General Mills Oat Cluster Cheerios.

Check out my “Breakfast Strategy”, which is based mostly on oats and home-made mueslis. Once in a while, maybe every two or three weeks, we pull out the Shredded Wheat or Fiber 1.


in ½ cup




General Mills

Fiber 1


Grape Nut



Go Lean


All Bran


General Mills


Multi Grain

1st ingredient = whole grain

No sugar in 1st 5 ingredients

3- 3-
No corn syrup or Trans fat

Fiber > 5g

6 14 4- 5 5 3-

Sugar < 5 g

0 0 0 9- 4 6-

Saturatedfat < 2g

.2 0 0 .2 0 .3

Sodium < 200 mg

0 105 180 95 150 200


5 2 4 13 4 2


80 100 140 100 60 55

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