New Year’s Dinner

New Year’s Day dinner was a great success. The menu was based mostly on Madhur Jaffrey’s recent book, At Home with Madhur Jaffrey, Random House of Canada, 2010.

Dessert was excellent even though it broke with the theme. It was from on my sister-in-law, Mary’s favourite Polish cookbook.


Shrimp & Onion Fritters, page 13

Peshwari Red Pepper Chutney, page 243

Lamb Curry with Whole Spices, page 123

Spicy Chickpeas with Potatoes, page 188

Yogurt Sambol with Tomato & Shallot, page 249

Plain Basmati Rice, page 207

Carrots with Cilantro, page 149


One Response to New Year’s Dinner

  1. Caroline Secko Voutianitis says:

    Looks like some interesting dishes were served. I love chickpeas. My Sophia eats them straight out of the can, although she often peels the skin off. I love that apple cake my Mom makes.
    Happy New Year.

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