“Good” Foods


Veggies Fruits Carbs/Grains Protein/Beans Protein/Fish
Beet greens   Cereal, whole grain Chick peas Anchovies
Yam   Whole wheat bread   Canned Tuna
Peas   Russet potato Lima beans, dry Pacific Cod
Artichoke, cooked       Tilapia
Chili pepper Black-eyed peas   Sole
Chinese Cabbage   Rice polishings   Mussels
Grape leaves   Millet   Clams
Okra   Wild rice   Crab
Parsnip       Shrimp
Mustard greens        
Turnip greens        


Dairy Nuts/Seeds Fats/Oils Beverages Herbs/Spices
Skim milk Filberts Hazelnut Ginger
Butter   Soybean   Turmeric
  Chestnuts Grape seed   Fenugreek
    Wheat germ    
    Cod liver    

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