“Better” Foods

Veggies Fruits Grains Beans Fish
Kale Cherry, sweet Rice bran Lentils Atlantic Salmon
Cabbage Lemon   Split peas Sardines
Cauliflower Apricot Yeast, brewer’s Legumes Herring
Mushroom Mango Yeast, torula   Haddock
White button mushrooms Grapefruit Buckwheat flour Soybean flour Snapper
Shiitaki Pink grapefruit Whole wheat flour Navy beans Oysters
Asparagus Fig      
Romaine Guava Pumpkin    
Collard greens Peach Corn    
Beet   Turnip    


Dairy Nuts/Seeds Fats/Oils Beverages Herbs/Spices
  Pecan Canola   Cumin
  Sunflower     Cloves
  Brazil     Parsley
  Pine nuts     Cinnamon

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