Breakfast Strategy

Breakfast may be the biggest change for my wife and I. Rather than a quick toast and coffee, we now take our time and have a bigger and healthier start to each day. I like “planned” variety, so each breakfast looks like something like this:

1. Fruit:   start with one of grapefruit, kiwi, orange, banana, or orange juice;

2. Mainly Oats:  here’s where the variety really kicks in; start in the second row, first column and the next day move across the row to the next column; naturally when a row is completed, start the next row.

Mainly oats Muesli Cereal Miscellaneous
steel-cut oats Leslie’s muesli Fiber 1 cottage cheese & fruit
perfect oatmeal apricot-raisin muesli Muffets cheddar-apple galette
oats granola Shreddies pear or peach & cheese melt
oat bran mango blueberry   eggs

The next choices are to taste or optional. I use all choices.

3. More fruit: add dried fruit (cranberries, apricots, raisins), or raw;

4. Nuts: add almonds, walnuts, or pecans;

5. Seeds: add flaxseed, or sunflower; and lastly, add

6. Skim milk or yogurt.

Some of these choices are outlined in recipes, for example the perfect oatmeal, cottage cheese, and the Mueslis. Oats and oat bran just follow package instructions, but do not include instant oat breakfasts!

My research show that only two cereals are healthy – Shredded Wheat, like Muffets and Shreddies, and Fiber 1. I’ll show that research in a future blog. Sometimes my wife sneaks a not so healthy cereal, like Cheerios or Go Lean, into the routine.

Pancakes stand alone as a somewhat unhealthy choice, but I love them on Sunday every now and then. My daughter and grand-daughter also love them, so when they visit I have a majority in favour of pancakes!


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