Dinner Strategy

  1. Fish 3 times a week or every second day, in other words, on Day 1, 3, and 5.
  2. Beans on Day 2, or the first alternate day.
  3. Veggies on Day 4, or the second alternate day.
  4. Chicken on Day 6.
  5. Anything on Day 7, even red meat, although we seldom have it.
  6. Start every meal with fruit.
  7. Soups are great since they fill you up.

Although veggies or beans are the main course on alternate days, or Days 2 and 4, we have veggies with every dinner meal and sometimes beans.

In reality this Day 1 to Day 7 strategy rarely coincides with consecutive days. We often have leftovers since cooking for two; for example, this week we had smoked mackerel at dinner two days in a row. The third day then became day 2 or Veggie-day. We follow the Day 1 to Day 7 strategy even if more than 7 days pass by.


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