Lunch Strategy

  1. Start every meal with fruit;
  2. leftovers; sometimes it is hard to cook just for 2, so we have leftovers;
  3. veggies in salads, pita pockets, tortillas, or healthy sandwiches;
  4. canned tuna or salmon in salads, casseroles, or sandwiches;
  5. herring cuts, right out of the jar, with rye bread and a citrus salad;
  6. canned sardines with potato wedges and/or a citrus salad;
  7. vegetable and/or bean soups;
  8. fruit with cheese, especially cottage cheese, or yogurt;
  9. cheese, with crackers;
  10. veggies and/or crackers with dips or spreads;
  11. quesadillas;
  12. beans, especially chickpeas; and
  13. omelets

That’s 13! I’m not superstitious, but if you are, send me more suggestions to add to the list.

Many of these can be snacks as well.


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