Snack Strategy

Be careful with snacks because they can turn into mini-lunches before you know it! Even worse, if you equate snacks with sweets, you can very easily consume over 150 calories. The Mayo Clinic plan allows 75 calories of sweets a day which isn’t much. A slice of bread is at least 70 calories and a muffin is pushing 200 or more.

If you have to snack, limit it to 100 calories. Here are some healthy choices:

  1. Fruit, which is about 60 calories per serving,
  2. Veggies, which can be only 25 calories per serving. With a healthy dip you can still stay below 100 calories;
  3. Nuts and seeds, but in very small quantities since they are high in calories; I try to have 8 almonds a day … but that’s it!
  4. Yogurt – great stuff; fat-free plain is the best; just add some fresh fruit;
  5. Cheese, especially cottage cheese; and
  6. Whole grain crackers, perhaps with a healthy spread.

Mayo Clinic has a nice article on healthy snacking. Check my Blogroll for “Snack suggestions from Mayo Clinic”.


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  1. Greg Secko says:

    I like this good reminder

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